For a world beyond the package

Environmental Responsibility

Cajas Agrícolas is a leading company in the food packaging industry. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond packaging. Our mission is to be a profitable company without compromising our responsibilities with the environment, the people and the communities in which we have contact. This guides all of our business decisions and practices.

At Cajas Agrícolas we see moral responsibility, sustainability and profitability as a trinity that strengthens our company.

Our Approach


Protect natural resources and communities by reducing waste generation, emissions, water and energy use.


Consolidate the ideas and best practices of our team to work under safe conditions, helping the communities where we live and work.


Generate tangible contributions to the communities where we work through different supports.

Environmental Benefits

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

By using reusable packaging instead of single-use packaging there is a significant reduction in CO2.

Confinement Reduction

We reduce the generation of solid waste thanks to the long life cycle of our products, some of which are 100% recyclable. Each one is used 30 to 120 times before it is removed from service due to use, damage, or design change.

Water Use Reduction

The water recycling technology in our washing centers uses more than 1/3 less in each wash. Single-use packaging uses 80% more water during its life cycle.

Product Waste Reduction

Our packaging reduces food waste and ensures a high quality product in stores. They keep food fresher for longer.

The Product Cycle

Our products use fewer natural resources by having a longer life cycle. From the energy and materials used in its manufacture through its cleaning and repair to its eventual recycling.

Sustainable Projects


Product made from waxed corrugated cardboard waste, ideal for lighting charcoal and firewood.


Vermicompost project made from organic residues which decompose via earthworms creating a nutrient-rich fertilizer for the soil.