Packaging and logistics solutions

We are the solution that takes your product to packaging and beyond.


Our reusable containers are optimal warehouse automation.


We’re constantly working to reduce our environmental impact


We seek sustainability in each of our projects.


At Cajas Agrícolas we strive daily to provide the best packaging solutions to our customers. We have more than 40 years of experience which we transfer to our clients so that they focus on their harvest.

We think outside the box

Our critical and innovative thinking allows us to offer our clients advice in various areas, allowing our clients to deliver them solutions in different needs from design and material solutions to logistics and environmental solutions.

Delivering freshness

Personalized Service


Our experience allows us to understand the market and its needs; our permanence in Mexico helps us provide a better service.


Our distribution centers located in the strategic points of the main agricultural regions provide proximity and accessibility to the product.


Our “One stop shop mentality”, offers a solutions hub where you can satisfy all the needs of your company.

Just In Time

Our “Just in time” philosophy optimizes your production systems facilitating purchases for packaging and accessories from our strategically located distribution centers, having them when you need them.


Consulting specialized in design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural packaging.


Packaging and supplies imported and delivered to where you need them.

Mixed Orders

Hiring of trucks with mixed product and or deliveries for various places.

Free On-Board Storage

Free On-Board Storage


Knowledge and programming of your inventory and packaging displacement needs that allow:

  • Cash flow improvement.
  • Low inventories
  • Less invoiced inventory

    Packaging Solutions







    Competitive Advantages

    Quality and Social Responsibility

    • Products with safety certification
    • Packaging under FDA standards
    • Packaging for international export
    • Packaging that complies with ecological standards
    • CTPAT certification

    Resource Savings

    • Inventory management
    • Cash flow
    • Time at import crossings
    • “One stop shop” comprehensive solutions to your requirements
    • “Just in time”

    Authorized Representative

    • IFCO RPCs
    • CHEP platforms

    Coverage in Mexico and the United States

    Our strategic coverage ensures that you will have your packaging so your product reaches its destination.


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