bullet Cajas’ vast experience allows us to understand our market and its needs, our time in México helps us provide a better service.
bullet NOur distribution centers are strategically located within the main agricultural areas, providing proximity and better accessibility to and for the product.
bullet "One stop shop mentality," a single contact point where you can satisfy all of your company’s packaging needs.
bullet "Just in time“ philosophy, allowing our customers to optimize their production systems and facilitating packaging and accessories needs’ purchasing, since in our distribution centers you will find all the packing material that you require when you need it, enhancing your company’s cash flow.
bullet Specialized consultancy in the design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural packaging.
bullet Packaging and imported supplies delivered to your operation.
bullet Trucks’ procurement with mixed product and/or varied location deliveries: “spoon-feed services”.
bullet Storage capabilities.
bullet Our knowledge and programming of your inventory and packing needs allow you to: Improve cash flow, Keep inventory low, Have less inventory turnover.